The follwing table is service fees for bidding service for Japanese Auction.

It does not have to be an auction, if you find something you want from Japan, then just give us a mail, then we can talk about the fees and so forth.

Final Value Deposit Commision
Up to 5000 YEN 1000YEN 700YEN
5001YEN to 30000YEN 5000YEN 1000YEN
30001YEN 50000 YEN 10000YEN 2000 YEN

Deposit is 100% refundable. If we could not win the item you want , then we'll issue the refund for the deposit. If you prefer to send us a deposit in your local currency, you can do that. If we win the item you want, then we convert your deposit into Yen and ask you to send us the remaining balance.

Other fees

Local shipping in Japan Usually, it costs from $1 to $30. It depends on weight of an item, and distance between the buyer and seller and so forth. Some seller gives no option but insured express mail which is more expensive than standard mails.
Domestic bank transfer fee in Japan 160 yen
Sales taxes (if applicable) Some auction store sellers charge buyers sales tax. In that case I'd have to ask you to pay for it. I'll let you know in advance if this is applicable or not.
Other expenses Some sellers charge buyers final value fees for the auction (very rare, I've seen it only a few times), and some charge for packaging materials. If this is the case, I'll charge you the actual amount.

Other fees might be needed in some cases, and I'll let you know if this is the case before we bid for items.

Feel free to ask us any questions,

Looking forward to serving you!









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